Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires

Ride on time

Buenos Aires is moving toward healthier modes of transport, including more buses and free shared bicycles available throughout the city.

The passenger railway network serving the Buenos Aires metropolitan area covers more than 1,500 km between main and branch lines, with 180 stations and 800 level crossings. Around half of all journeys in Buenos Aires are already made on public transport, by bicycle or on foot.

High commuter volume puts sections of this network under pressure. But it is already in readiness for an upgrade through electrification, automation and an extension of the network. Siemens is currently installing the power supply system for the Constitución-La Plata of the Roca Railway branch line. Siemens has electrified 70% of the urban rail, metro, trolley bus and tram system.

% journeys by transport mode, 2017
Source: Siemens City Performance Tool

New signaling and communication projects will include the complete renovation of 16 new stations and automatic trains

To keep residents moving, the City of Buenos Aires seeks to promote public transport and encourage healthy mobility, such as buses and free bicycles. You can borrow bicycles 24 hours a day at more than 400 stations throughout the city. Using the EcoBici app, users can view the location and availability of bikes and plan a trip on the city’s extensive network of paths (bicisendas). From July, a pilot test is being carried out for one year, with the possibility of extension, to boost the use of electric shared skateboards and scooters.

Cost of monthly public transport pass, US$ in 2020
Source: Numbeo

To promote quality public transport, that is quick, comfortable and safe, there are several free journey planning applications. For example, BA Subte shows subway travel data in real time so users can make informed decisions about how to travel.

Buenos Aires in numbers


48.6% of trips in Buenos Aires are by public or active transport

Source: Siemens City Performance Tool


Residents can borrow shared bicycles from 400 stations throughout the city

Source: Travel Buenos Aires


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