New York

New York

Ethical digitalization

New York is championing digitalization to achieve its sustainability ambitions, and ensure safe and fair access to networks and devices for citizens.

Digital rights

The Mayor’s Office of the Chief Technology Officer is championing digitalization as a critical tool for not only achieving the city’s sustainability ambitions, but also making it the fairest large city in America. Key focus areas include universal broadband, better digital government services, and promoting innovation that solves urban challenges.

The Mayor’s Office is also examining ways to protect the digital rights of New Yorkers to ensure safe and fair access to networks and devices. New York City is a founding member of the Cities Coalition for Digital Rights, which pairs academic institutions with city governments to protect digital rights in policies and programs.

Equality indicators

The CUNY Institute for State and Local Governance is a local think tank that developed a comprehensive Equality Indicators tool to help cities measure and understand the equality of their citizens. The New York City measurement undertaken in 2018 focused on 96 indicators across the themes of economy, education, health, housing, justice, and services.

Citizen equality is also tracked in the annual Social Indicators and Equity Report from EquityNYC. The report explores economic, social, environmental, and physical health across race/ethnicity, gender, location, and income. Broadband access is considered a key indicator, and there are many initiatives to make broadband more accessible and affordable for every New Yorker through the Internet Master Plan.

Households in NYC with broadband and cellular access
Source: Mayor’s Office of the Chief Technology Officer 

Organizing the basement

Like many cities, most of the infrastructure that keeps New York running is situated underground, which creates challenges for swiftly pinpointing problems and delivering solutions.

Digitalizing a city’s basement is an essential step to minimize costs and maintain critical services, from electricity to mobility. Siemens Underground Network Solutions deliver IoT connectivity for a broad range of assets such as cables, pipes, and meters. The addition of AI provides predictive maintenance capability, early warning systems for serious problems, and the ability to optimize emergency response.

New York in numbers


New York currently ranks 84 out of 100 for US cities with the fastest broadband speed

Source: Broadband Now


The city’s score out of 100 when it undertook the Equality Indicators report in 2018

Source: NYC Equity Indicators


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