Towards sustainable reliability

Singapore is expanding its metro network to make it one of the largest in the world, with a virtual twin to improve reliability through simulations.

A key contributor to Singapore’s low-carbon objective is the switch to electric vehicles. Strategies include an EV Early Adoption Incentive offering a generous 45% rebate on EV purchases, and a program to achieve 28,000 charging points by 2030. Vehicle manufacturers are encouraged to support Singapore’s installation of renewable energy storage systems by expanding their use of innovative technologies such as hydrogen fuel cells. However, a key challenge is the impact of EV on the $1 billion generated through fuel excise duties every year. The Government is changing its approach to road tax to address this loss.

A US$71 million investment is set to improve metro reliability through the creation of a ‘virtual twin’ of the existing network. Siemens is partnering on this initiative, which will enable operators to simulate track faults and other situations, and test strategies for improving signaling and maintenance. Singapore is planning to spend $43.5 billion to upgrade and expand its network over the next decade, with an initial milestone of bringing 8 out of 10 households within 10 minutes of a metro station by 2030. Once complete, Singapore’s total metro length will be similar to London and New York.

Singapore also pioneered the world’s first pilot scheme for a full-size, autonomous electric bus. Nanyang Technological University worked in partnership with Volvo to develop the system, which uses AI to manage a range of sensor and navigation controls. The autonomous vehicle market is predicted to be worth over $200 billion by 2030 according to analysis by Frost & Sullivan.

Total metro rail length
Source: TFL, MTA, Singapore Government

Singapore in numbers


Singapore’s target number of EV charging points by 2030

Source: Ministry of National Development


Planned investment to upgrade and expand Singapore’s metro network

Source: Rail Journal


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